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Price List June 2018

1st Kitten Vaccination

2nd Kitten Vaccination

Adult Cat Booster

Cat Spay

Cat Castrate

Cat Dental - Scale and Polish

Cat Dental

(inc Extractions/Pain relief/Antibiotics)

1st Puppy Vaccination

2nd Puppy Vaccination

Adult Dog Booster

Adult dog booster PLUS Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough Vaccination (Yearly Booster)

Rabies Vacination

Bitch Spay (inc Pain Relief course)

Dog Castrate (inc Pain Relief Course)

Dog Dental - Scale and Polish

Dog Dental

(inc Extractions/Pain relief/Antibiotic course)

















£160 - £180








To allow us to provide affordable Veterinary care we have strict guidelines with regard to payment.
We currently accept all forms of pet insurance. We accept most credit and debit cards. We accept cash. We do not accept cheques. We offer no forms of credit. All neutering and dental fees are paid on the morning of the surgery. All vaccination and consultation fees are paid at the time of examination. We ask for your understanding with these guidelines. Please do not take offence, it is not personal, but to be fair we must treat all customers the same.